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How can I make a den?

Come rain or shine, making a duvet den is one of the things children have most fun doing. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a super cool cave...

Posted: 21 July 2014
by Catherine Hudson

How to make a den
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You will need:

A large, light synthetic duvet** – size shown here is super king

Blankets or sheets for the floor

Pillows/ sofa cushions/ sleeping bags

Clothes pegs to secure the duvet in place


Fairy lights

“Keep out” sign or similar






Extension cable

Stage One

Lay a blanket or sheet on the floor and position four chairs opposite each other; they should be close enough together for the duvet to drape over the chairs and over the seat cushions ideally.

Gather pillows and cushions to fill the den and provide comfy cushioning – ideally around the corners and along the back wall.

Weave string in-between the top of the chairs to form a support for the roof and attach fairy lights on to it with pegs. Use an extension cable for the lights if needed.

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