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[MAKE] A Christmas craft by Cath Kidston - 'Santa Paws'

Add some home-made kitsch to your Christmas decorations with this festive fox terrier, Stanley

Posted: 18 December 2014
by Junior

Stanley the festive fox terrier

You will need
Red, brown, cream, green, pink and blue felt
Red, brown and cream embroidery thread
15cm brown waxed cord or string
Paper templates
Erasable pen or pencil
Sewing needle
Polyester toy stuffing
1 small white pompom

Be prepared
Use your downloadable templates to cut out the following
1 dog from cream felt
1 ear from cream felt
1 Santa hat band from cream felt
1 dog from brown felt
1 ear from brown felt
1 coat from pink felt
1 coat from blue felt
2 holly leaves from green felt
1 Santa hat from red felt

To make

  • Assemble all the materials, equipment and templates that you need. Using an erasable pen or pencil, trace the outline of each paper template onto the correct colour of felt. Following the outlines carefully, cut out all the felt shapes. 

  • Piecing it together Place the brown ear over the cream dog and stitch in place with brown thread. Place the cream ear over the brown dog and stitch in place with cream thread. Place the pink coat over the cream dog and stitch in place with cream thread. Place the blue coat over the brown dog and stitch with brown thread. Embroider French knots for eyes, in brown thread on the cream dog and in cream thread on the brown dog (To make a French knot, bring your needle up at the point where the knot is required. Wrap the thread round the needle two or three times and then take the needle back down to where the thread first emerged)

  • Get stuffing Place the dogs together and sew edging stitches all the way round, leaving a small gap at the centre back. Fill with toy stuffing, but do not overfill. Use the end of a pencil to push the stuffing into any curves or corners. Stitch the gap to enclose the stuffing, adding the hanging loop of waxed cord or string. Knot the cord ends and stitch over it to secure.

  • Top him off with a hat Lay the cream hat band over the red hat and stitch in place with cream thread. Fold the red hat in half and join along the side seam with red thread. Place the hat, with band attached, on the top of Stanley’s head and stitch in place. Add a small white pompom to the tip of the hat. Embroider a small brown nose on the front seam.

  • The finishing touches Wrap the red strip of felt around Stanley’s neck and join the ends to make his collar. Add the holly leaves. You can now use your festive Stanley as a tree decoration or super-cute gift tag.

Adapted from Make Your Own Christmas Decorations by Cath Kidston (Quadrille, £15). To buy at the special price of £11, including p&p, tel 01256 302699 and quote ref 7XG.

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