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Five ways to decipher toddler talk

Crack the code of her baby chatter with these quick tips

Posted: 11 January 2012
by Junior

1. Be patient
Toddlers often muddle up their pronunciation, as they are learning to coordinate almost 100 different vocal muscles.

2. Listen carefully
The sounds that she makes will be similar to real words (she might say “wareesha” for “what’s that?”, for example), but you will need to pay close attention to understand.

3. Ask her to repeat herself
If you can’t catch the meaning of a word, ask her to say it again. She will be delighted by this, as toddlers love repetition.

4. Get her to demonstrate
Ask your child to show you what she wants if you still can’t understand what she is trying to say.

5. Buy her bubbles
Blowing soap bubbles can help with verbal coordination, as it uses similar muscles to forming words.

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