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Five Ways To Soothe A Stressed Baby

keep your cool with these simple tips

Posted: 24 October 2011
by Fiona McKim

1 Rock her
If your baby has been fed and changed and she’s still crying, try gently rocking her in your arms.

2 Sing songs
Babies are soothed by the sound of their mother’s voice and its vibrations, so softly sing your baby to sleep.

3 Softly coo
If you don’t fancy singing lullabies, make gentle, soft noises instead (cooing or shushing, for example) to let her know that you are there and that she is safe. 

4 Give her a massage
Baby massage will relax your baby so she sleeps well; it also helps you bond. 

5 Swaddle up
Babies tend to love the security of being firmly wrapped, so swaddle her snugly in a baby blanket.

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