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David Lauren, the son of designer Ralph Lauren, shares his happy childhood memories

Our exclusive conversation with David Lauren to celebrate the launch of the RL Gang on the new UK RL website

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What’s the secret of a happy childhood? “I’ve been very lucky to have a close family. I consider my parents, my brother and my sister to be my best friends. This gives me incredible support and it is my greatest happiness.”

Which of the character in the RL Gang is most like you in character? “Each of the characters have different personalities and they are each different characters. I admire and connect with each of them for different reasons – their sportiness, their curiosity, their style, and their sense of teamwork and friendships.”

What was your favourite book as a child? “I’ve always been a big fan of Roald Dahl and so many of his short stories and imaginative tales that range from James And The Giant Peach to Willy Wonka.”

What was your first day of school like? “I don’t think I could remember my first day of school but I always felt comfortable because where I went to school, my classes were always very small. It helped me to feel that I was getting enough attention from my teachers and it helped to create life-long friends.”

What did you wear? “I’ve always felt special to be able to wear clothes designed by my father. This was always cool because he made everything, from Rugby shirts, to cool jeans, to racing jackets and this eclectic mix and styling helped me to create my own identity and feel special at school.”

What is your fondest memory of your school days? “I loved school. I liked the comeraderie and the special projects and adventures that we got to go on. I enjoyed science experiments as much as European History. The most indelible memories were class trips where I got to go with my friends to cool museums, apple orchards, and so many other cool places. It is these adventures that I have and that so many people around the world have that makes the RL Gang story so personal.”

What was the inspiration behind the RL Gang? “The RL Gang storybook is a completely unique way for us at Ralph Lauren to express the lifestyle and characters that have defined this brand for over forty years. We are very proud to have created the first-ever interactive, shoppable, children’s storybook. It changes the way parents and children experience the Internet together and I am proud that Ralph Lauren is such a leader in the online space.”

Caption: David, as a boy, with his father Ralph Lauren

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