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Joe Blogs is going back to school

Smart Boy About Town is donning his school uniform and getting ready for the Big School adventure. But who's the little guy?

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Hi, it's me, Joe.

I've got to be honest with you. I'm not usually the type of guy who gets excited about a new pair of shoes. But this time it's different, cos my shoes are hosting a surprise house guest! Yep, Jack Nano and his super vehicle is actually lurking inside a hidden compartment in my new shoes. How cool is that?

I have been wanting a pair of these shoes for SO LONG!! (That's the power of tv advertising for you!) but every time we went to the shoe shop they said my feet were too small. Well, not any more as I am not the very proud owner of my very own Jack Nano shoes. The only trouble is I keep wanted to take them off, so I can have a look at Jack, and my mummy is worried that I am going to lose the little fella and it will all end in tears. Doesn't she know that she can always buy me another pair if that happens? Another bonus is that I'll always have a special friend in the playground.

Love Jx

Joe's wardrobe: Trousers and polo short by M&S; blazer by Ralph Lauren; Jack Class Jnr shoes by Clarks.

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