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Dan Stockley of Hucklebones - Junior Design Awards judge

We spoke to our expert panel at this year's Junior Design Awards to find out what floats their design boat and what they love the most about being a judge...

Name: Daniel Stockley

Day job: Director and business development manager, Hucklebones

Hobbies: Football, fishing, camping and, to be honest, a keen follower of many types of sports.

What is your favourite room in the house, and why?

That’s a hard one as each room sort of serves it's own purpose in a way I see valuable. I ...  Continue reading


10 of the best parenting lessons AKA 'Wise words from the weather woman'

Our weekly columnist, Kirsty McCabe, shares the most useful tips she has learned, so far...

  1. There are no medals for childbirth. It doesn't matter how your children come into this world, all that matters is that both of you are healthy. Don't compare yourself to other mums and feel you didn't do it right. Everyone, and every pregnancy, is different.

  2. If you want to breastfeed then that ...  Continue reading


"It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... isn't it?", asks Kirsty McCabe

"I go from complaining about Christmas starting early, to discussing my festive plans in October. I guess that's just the magic of Christmas…"

"It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Actually, no it's not - there are still two months to go! We haven't even had Halloween yet. However, nobody has told the shops who have already put out their Christmas stock and started playing the festive muzak.

Before you accuse me of ...  Continue reading


"How can you escape the British winter, when you have children in tow?" asks Kirsty McCabe

Kirsty McCabe prepares for a long haul flight with a pre-schooler and a toddler...

"This week, I'm into holiday-planning mode; we're heading off to South Africa soon to celebrate my children's great-grandmother's 100th birthday! Family from all over the world, from Norway to Australia, will be descending on Cape Town for this momentous occasion.

Once there, I know we'll have a fantastic time as the boys ...  Continue reading


From shy to unstoppable, Kirsty McCabe considers the changing face of children's personalities

Our weekly columnist perches on a child-sized nursery school chair to hear all about the public face of her eldest son...

If you read this column regularly, you will know I don't like competitive parents. Children develop at their own speed and they all get there in the end. At least, that's what I tell myself when it comes to my littlest one sleeping through the night, or my eldest reliably ...  Continue reading


"Why can't employers recognise how great mums are?" asks Kirsty McCabe

Our weekly columnist suggests: "Rather than penalise working mums, let's help make it easier."

Let me start by saying that I really admire stay-at-home mums – it's a tough gig that doesn't get nearly enough recognition. I almost wish we had enough money so that I could be a full-time mum, too. I say 'almost', because I do enjoy working, too. I have skills, ...  Continue reading


Rachel Stevens [INTERVIEW]: "Just getting out of the house in the morning is totally chaotic!"

We caught up with Rachel, mum to Amelie, 3, and Minnie, 6 months, when she joined us as a judge at the Junior Design Awards 2014

Rachel Stevens, singer, WaterAid ambassador and mum to Amelie, 3, and Minnie, 6 months


The Junior Design Awards 2014

"This is my fourth year judging the Junior Design Awards, and I am so excited to be back. It's brilliant to be here and to see what new products ...  Continue reading


The Junior Design Awards 2014: Behind the scenes [VIDEO]

The Junior Design Awards 2014, as introduced by members of our expert judging panel

For the fourth consecutive year, we are hosting the Junior Design Awards to find the most beautifully designed and finest quality parenting products and brands.

We invited our panel of parenting product and design experts to judge our shortlisted entrants, in the Junior Design Awards 2014.

Here is a short video to ...  Continue reading


'How do I choose a school for my child?' Kirsty McCabe questions

Our weekly columnist considers schooling options for her sons and discovers a minefield of possibilities

The new school year is well underway, and it's time for me to start thinking ahead to next year when my eldest son Ethan is due to start school.

Securing a place in primary school seems to be a formidable challenge these days as catchment areas shrink ever smaller, with over 300 ...  Continue reading


Toys for boys, toys for girls - should there be a difference? Kirsty McCabe investigates

Our weekly columnist examines the gender divide still found in many children's toy shops and asks, "Can't we let our kids decide?"

I recently spent some time with friends who have two daughters and was pleasantly surprised at the lack of “girly” toys. There was very little pink plastic in evidence and no sign of princess garb, they are quite possibly the only two girls left in the UK that haven't seen Frozen ...  Continue reading


101 to 110 of 1,054 blog posts