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"Mealtimes can test the patience of even the most saintly of parents", says Kirsty McCabe

Our weekly columnist takes on a food fight and discovers a new range of children's meals to keep her fussy eaters happy

"Your little one may have been super keen to taste pretty much anything and everything you offered during weaning, but it’s a battle of wills when you hit the terrible twos, the 'three-nage' years and upwards...

I feel quite torn about it. On the one hand, I’ve spent time, effort, energy and ...  Continue reading


The secret behind how to ride a bike, by Kirsty McCabe

Our weekly columnist has prepared her son well for riding a bike without stabilisers - so what's the trick?

"Like most working parents, a speedy drop off to school can make all the difference to your own day. But my son had outgrown his Kiddimoto balance bike and wasn’t a massive fan of his scooter. So, we decided it was time to get him on a proper bike. Given that ...  Continue reading


Winter sun: Cool sunglasses for kids

Squinting? As the sun gets ever lower in the sky here in the UK, or perhaps you are jetting off to warmer climes, invest in a pair of protective Zoobug sunglasses for the kids

Protect kids' eyes, with a pair of cool shades from specialist brand, Zoobug. Developed by eye surgeon, Dr Julie Diem Le, for boys and girls aged 0-12 years, the range of hand crafted frames and sunglasses are made to EU safety standards, using polarised lenses with 100% UV protection from ...  Continue reading


Starting school: Tears, bribery and new found friends, by Kirsty McCabe

Our weekly columnist tackles settling her eldest son into primary school, but hadn't been counting on how this big change would affect the rest of the family...

Parents up and down the land have been taking pictures of their uniformed offspring in front of doors, sometimes alongside siblings and often with a shiny new book bag in hand.

This month, it was our turn to enjoy this rite of passage as our eldest son Ethan started school. ...  Continue reading


6 of the most fashionable mums on Instagram, by Olivia Rubin

Our monthly fashion columnist, designer Olivia Rubin, rounds up the best accounts to follow for fashion inspiration

"In a world where we are fast relying on social media for fashion inspiration, Instagram is the best way to find some truly exciting mums and kids with a unique sense of style. I’ve trawled through my Instagram feed and found a group of UK based mums who are forging a ...  Continue reading


Back to school supplies: Kirsty McCabe talks tags and bags

Our weekly columnist trials back to school accessories for the start of the new term

"Now that I have Ethan’s school uniform sorted, I just need to make sure his name is all over it. But I’m not going to laboriously sew on tiny name labels onto his tops, trousers, pants or socks... Oh no. I have far better things to do with my time ...  Continue reading


School uniforms on test, for primary school boys: By Kirsty McCabe

Our weekly parenting columnist trials school uniform essentials on her four-year-old son before he starts school this September

"The new school year has already started in Scotland and it’s not long until the rest of the UK follows suit. More importantly, my eldest son, Ethan, is off to school for the first time.

He’s very excited about it, and to be honest I’m looking forward to it too. It’s ...  Continue reading


Are you ready for the nursery-run? Designer Olivia Rubin shares her top 5 fashion picks

Our monthly fashion columnist rounds up her favourite pieces to make the journey to starting nursery school a stylish one, for mum and child

"I’m not an expert on the school run quite yet, but with Chloe starting nursery soon I’ve got ‘back to school’ on the brain. I’ve put together some fun bits and bobs to invest in for you and your little ones when term time starts."


"As well as preparing the kids, I’ve ...  Continue reading


Domestic bliss AKA "Who does what once you have children?" asks Kirsty McCabe

Our weekly parenting columnist ponders how the jobs have been divided up since her family has expanded

"After nearly ten years together, my husband and I seem to have divided most of the household chores into quite traditional 'pink and blue' jobs.

In the 'pink' corner, I take care of laundry, shopping and just about anything that goes on in the kitchen. If I’d known I was going to ...  Continue reading


Maternity style: An expert's top tips on how to dress a baby bump

Eve Thomas, Fashion Director at THE OUTNET.COM, gives us her top tips for dressing a pregnant figure

Eve Thomas, mother of two and Fashion Director at THE OUTNET.COM

The first rule of pregnancy dressing is to embrace the bump! This is something that I have learnt myself through trial and error. Overly loose pieces often swamp your frame make you look bigger than you are. The key is ...  Continue reading


41 to 50 of 1,054 blog posts