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Children's Book Club: July 2014

Junior rounds up the best new children's books for July

Posted: 1 July 2014
by Alison Potter

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Max The Brave by Ed Vere (Puffin, £11.99)

Max The Brave is an absolutely adorable and fearless little black cat who would rather wear a bold red cape than a sweet pink ribbon. He chases mice, but unfortunately he’s not entirely sure what one looks like, so much hilarity ensues as asks a whole bunch of other creatures if they are the one called ‘mouse’.

Written and illustrated by Ed Vere, this is a charming and fun tale that will make both adults and children laugh out loud. Each page is a different colour and full of bright and lively illustrations, making for a fun bedtime read. Perfect for novice readers, this is a great stepping stone book for little ones who are looking to graduate onto reading slightly more challenging picture books. 

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