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The 4-stages of mum shopping by Sketchy Muma

Children illustrator and Instagram sensation Sketchy Muma A.K.A Anna Lewis on the shopping trips all mums make

Posted: 6 October 2017
by Bonita Turner
sketchy mama book - guide to shopping
STAGE 1: Shopping when pregnant - when you wished you had stayed at home!

If you've not heard of Sketchy Muma then where have you been hiding? Anna Lewis the founder of Sketchy Muma is a published children's illustrator from Cornwall who started sharing her experiences of first-time motherhood through her simple sketches on instagram - and the rest is history.

With fans such as Giovanna Fletcher who says: "Anna's sketches never fail to put a smile on my face and make my heart a little warmer."

It was no wonder a book was calling.

And a gorgeous little book on motherhood it is. From those positive blue lines to this first few confusing months, Anna's funny, endearing and moving illustrated diary is a must for all new mums as well as experienced parents who can look back and go 'oh yes I remember those days, moments and feelings.'

We are sharing a few of Sketchy Muma's illustrations here with a little shopping theme (of course!) - remember these stages of mum shopping? Or, maybe you are going through them now!


sketchy mama book - guide to shopping
STAGE 2: Sleep deprived online shopping...we've all been there!

sketchy mama book - guide to shopping
STAGE 3: That first 'themed' shop...

sketchy muma book
STAGE 4: In those first few weeks when a trip to the supermarket - alone - feels like a spa day!


Sketchy Muma: what it means to be a mother £3.99

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