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The Queen and the wonders of Winnie the Pooh

The Junior Design Award winning story was a childhood favourite of Her Majesty

Posted: 31 May 2012
by Fiona McKim

Here at Junior, we pride ourselves on having excellent taste, never more so than when selecting the winners of our illustrious Junior Design Awards. So it is heartening to hear that our choice of victor for Best Classic Book 2012, Winnie The Pooh, will have been met with the royal seal of approval.

Long before she became the prominent octogenarian monarch we know today, the young Princess Elizabeth loved nothing more than to while away her time with A.A. Milne’s absorbing tales of Pooh, Piglet, Eyore et al, first published in 1926. 

Of course, given the stories’ enduring appeal there is every chance that Her Majesty the Queen still enjoys taking a trip to the Hundred Acre Wood to this day, perhaps in quiet moments of reflection before the global spectacle of her impending Diamond Jubilee.

Conjecture aside, there is no denying the timeless qualities that have made Winnie The Pooh and pals such happy literary companions for children of many generations gone by and surely many more, both royal and rascal, to come.

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