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Why can't my child read?

All children learn to read at their own rate, but how can you tell if there's a problem?

Posted: 8 November 2012
by Catherine O'Dolan

Children take longer to establish basic reading and writing skills in English than in any other European language, because of the complex syllable structure nad inconsistent spelling systems. A study of 700 children in 15 European countries showed the majority of children had mastered the basic foundations of literacy within one year or less of starting school, but that the English-speaking children took two and a half years, even though the children were matched in general educational ability and social background. The second most difficult language was Danish, followed by French. 

Many parents worry that their child has a problem with their reading. However, nearly every five- to seven-year old confuses the letters b and d or p and q. If your child is seven, or has been at school for two years, and has difficulty blending sounds into words, is unsure what sound a letter or combination of letters makes, and has great difficulty spelling simple regular words, there may be a problem. Remember, though, that all children learn to read at different rates.

If you are concerned about your child's reading, talk to her teacher to see if there is anything you can do together. It's vital that you give your child plenty of encouragement, and enjoy sharing books and reading activities together.

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