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Your Christmas Must-See Movie: The Snowman And The Snowdog

The heart-meltingly sweet tale of The Snowman and a brand new friend…

Posted: 21 December 2012
by Catherine O'Dolan

The Snowman And The Snowdog by Raymond Briggs

CHRISTMAS JUST WOULDN'T be Christmas without the heavenly voice of Aled Jones singing "We are walking in the air…” No matter that even author/illustrator Raymond Briggs himself refers to his own creation as "that bloody Snowman" such is its ubiquitousness. This Christmas, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Snowman original film (oh yes, how time flies!) there's a brand new animation revisiting the big white fella and a brand new, sweeter-than-sweet sidekick, Snowdog.

A mix of charming adventure and poignancy (a young boy is mourning the passing of his beloved pet dog, when lo and behold, a new snowy white version is magically conjured up in his dreams), The Snowman And The Snowdog looks set to become a brand-new festive favourite. Only one thing to bear in mind: poor Aled doesn't get a look-in with a whole new musical score, though fans of the stunning flight scene from the original won't be disappointed with a brand new sweeping journey as the trio takes flight over the city including views across the London Eye.

* The Snowman And The Snowdog airs on Christmas Eve at 8pm on Channel 4. Set your timers and get your tissues at the ready now!

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