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'Is Easter the new Christmas?', asks Kirsty McCabe

Our weekly columnist laments on all things chocolate egg, childcare and baby weight-related...

Posted: 8 April 2016
by Catherine Hudson

Chocolate-induced wipeout!

Easter appears to have become the new Christmas. We got a record number of Easter cards this year, my friends posted pictures of their Easter trees on social media and my family gave the children gifts, as well as the obligatory chocolate eggs.

Normally, this would annoy me, but having children has obviously affected my perspective on life. Or perhaps it’s the hormones. Instead we’ve also embraced Easter with all manner of Easter themed arts and crafts, including some beautifully decorated Easter bonnets. These were for my youngest son’s Easter bonnet parade at nursery, which he subsequently slept through!

Beautiful Easter bonnets

We spent Easter itself up in Scotland with family, and then took advantage of the Easter holidays from school to catch up with lots of friends - and even spend a few days in a caravan on a beach in southwest Scotland. We got lucky with the sunshine, but, as it was the end of March, not so lucky with some very cold nights.

The other issue with Easter becoming a big holiday is childcare. Sadly, I don’t have a job where I can take leave whenever my son is off school. But, with Easter breaks, half terms and summer holidays looming, working parents have yet another thing to juggle.

For the second week of the Easter holidays, my son has been at a local kids camp with some of his school buddies. After a shaky and tearful start (he doesn’t like new things) he soon settled in and proudly showed me his superstar of the day certificate when I picked him up. And compared to the relatively short school day, kids camp has much better hours for working parents.

"Say cheese if you're freezing!"

Now the aftermath of Easter is settling in, our waistlines are expanding as the pile of chocolate slowly goes down. But unlike the gloom of post-Christmas, the longer, lighter evenings are hinting at summer’s imminent arrival. The clocks have gone forward into British Summer Time and my husband has even started wearing his shorts and we’re hoping to get the barbecue in action.

All of which makes me think about fitting into my summer clothes. I seem to have two different wardrobes - things that fitted before I had kids, and the clothes I wore as I shed my baby weight. The aim is to wear more of the former, and less of the latter!

Luckily I’ve been hitting the gym hard recently in an attempt to vanquish my 'mum tum' and 'bingo' arms. Body Combat and Body Attack are my classes of choice at Virgin Active,and I definitely feel fitter having lost about half a stone. Next step is to invest in some new trainers and gym clothes as mine have seen better days - just like the rest of me!

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