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The best garden toys for kids summer 2016, by Kirsty McCabe

Our weekly columnist tests out the best Chad Valley outdoor toys, for hours of fun to be had in your garden this spring and summer

Posted: 22 March 2016
by Catherine Hudson

Bouncy Castle and Slide

The best thing about moving out of central London last year was getting a bigger garden for the kids to play in. As much as I love local play parks, it’s even better if all you need to do is open the back door to outdoor fun. No changing bags to pack, picnics to prepare and let’s face it, the toilet facilities are much better.

There is a huge range of Chad Valley outdoor toys at Argos to choose from to keep your little ones entertained. So here’s a snapshot of our favourites so far....

Bouncy Castle and Slide

Ethan (5) and Logan (nearly 3) were beyond excited when they saw the box for the bouncy castle and slide. Luckily, it took mere minutes to set it up and inflate with the blower included. The boys had a fantastic time and have been telling all their friends about it. It’s also quick to deflate and pack away, perfect for summer fun.

Farm House Playhouse

Farm House Playhouse

I’ve been planning to get the boys a playhouse for ages, but was wary of getting an expensive wooden one that they rarely used and ended up being full of old toys. So, I’ve opted for this plastic Farm House that can be used indoor or out and folds for storage. Currently pride of place in our lounge, I’m planning to relocate it into the garden this weekend!

Jumbo Bowling Game

Jumbo Bowling Game

Sometimes it feels like children’s toys dominate both home and garden. One way round that is to embrace all things inflatable, such as this jumbo bowling game. The boys had a great time, admittedly not following normal bowling rules, we only had to get the ball back from the neighbour once and at the end of the day it could all be packed neatly away.


Trampoline by Sportspower

A quick Google satellite view of most neighbourhoods will reveal trampolines in every other garden. It was one of the first items we bought when we moved house and is used pretty much every day. I’ve heard great things about trampolines, not only are your kids getting exercise but it helps improve their mood. And if your pelvic floor is up for it, it’s great fun for adults too!

Bubble puppy


Nothing beats bubbles, whether it’s a simple wand or a battery operated animal. The boys are very attached to their bubble puppy who has been producing bubbles for added bathroom fun as well as in the garden.

Inflatable water slide

Inflatable water slide

This is ready and waiting for the first hot day of the year. Like the bouncy castle, it only takes a couple of minutes to set up and it comes with its own constant air flow fan. Inflatable slide and water sprays - this summer is going to be amazing!

Flower Water Spray

Flower Water Spray

In keeping with the water theme, this flower-shaped water spray can be connected to your garden hose. So as long as we don’t get a hosepipe ban (very unlikely given how wet a winter we’ve just had), it’s a great way to keep the kids cool this summer.

All we need now is a nice, long hot summer to make the most of our new additions. Oh, and a garden shed to store everything in!

All items featured are available to buy at Argos

Kirsty McCabe writes her weekly column here on www.juniormagazine.co.uk. Follow us on Twitter: @juniormagazine to keep up with the latest news

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