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Urban Beaches 2011

Urban beaches are fast becoming one of the summer's hottest crazes. Hold onto your hats for some original seaside pleasures...

Posted: 2 August 2011
by Fiona McKim

Summer in the city needn’t be all about sticky crowds and stuffy traffic fumes. This year cosmopolitan city-dwellers can seek out their own little slice of paradise in the midst of the madness with the sun, sand and sea of a pop-up urban beach.

Dishoom Chowpatty Beach
April 22−September 4
A 70-metre sandy beach will be taking residency on Queens Walk at the Southbank Centre in London this summer for those looking to relax, lie on a deckchair and watch the Thames lap gently against the banks of the city.

Nottingham Riviera
July 22–September 3
While strolling down the boardwalk, sipping an exotic cocktail from the beach bar and watching your children frolic in the sands, you may feel a million miles away from your actual location, the old market square in the centre of Nottingham. Soak up the island atmosphere at the Nottingham Riviera, which returns for a third year with an exciting programme of events including live music, beach volleyball, inflatable water slides and plenty of other activities to keep your family ship-shape this summer.

Xscape Island
July 23−August 14
Picture yourself relaxing on a beautiful desert island with sand between your toes and your family merrily occupied…now picture yourself in the Xscape centre, Braehead which is where you may be surprised to find this wonderful idyll. The Glasgow entertainment complex will transforming itself into a veritable paradise this summer with a sandy beach and a varied calendar of summer activities for children of all ages to enjoy.

Paradise In The park
July 21−September 11
Enjoy a touch of California cool at Chavasse Park, Liverpool this summer with 240 tonnes of golden sands and beautiful azure paddling facilities for little feet. Now in its second year, this city centre seaside features children’s rides and attractions and a beach shack where you can enjoy a leisurely holiday lunch.

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