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5 great reasons to see Luis And The Aliens

Is there life on other planets? NASA might be scouring the skies, but what if aliens are watching us?

Posted: 23 August 2018
by Bonita Turner
5 great reasons to see Luis And The Aliens
Luis And The Aliens

In Luis and the Aliens, a trio of wacky aliens set their sights on Earth to get hold of a Nubbi Dubbi massage mat they’ve spotted on a television shopping channel. After their spaceship crash-lands in a field near his home, 11-year-old Luis befriends the three aliens, who agree to help him escape from boarding school if he will assist them on their mission.

Need more reasons to see it? We’ve got five great ones:


5 great reasons to see Luis And The Aliens
Luis And The Aliens

1. The aliens are super cute

Mob, Nag and Wabo might be the cutest alien trio ever assembled. By the end of the film  the kids will wish they had alien friends, too. Their extra-terrestrial abilities aren’t just limited to driving spaceships and creating crop circles, either – this cheeky lot can also shapeshift, morphing into different creatures to carry out their mischievous plans.

2. The film was animated by Oscar-winning brothers Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein

Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein have created multiple animations together over the past 30 years, including the Academy Award-winning short Balance. Luis And The Aliens lets them use their well-honed talents on a hilarious and eye-catching animation that caters to the whole family.


5 great reasons to see Luis And The Aliens
Luis And The Aliens

5 great reasons to see Luis And The Aliens
Luis And The Aliens

3. The film sends a positive message about friendship and acceptance

Luis isn’t like the other kids – and his school isn’t always particularly welcoming to anyone who’s a bit different. But when he meets and befriends the aliens, he learns that being different isn’t always bad. There’s an important message in here about how everyone (not just children!) should treat one another.

4. It’s bound to make the kids laugh

Mog, Nag and Wabo’s wacky adventures get them into all kinds of sticky situations, along with their new friend Luis! The film’s jam-packed with silly shenanigans, which the kids are guaranteed to love.

5. It’s an opportunity for quality family time

This animated alien adventure provides the perfect opportunity for families to come together at the end of the summer holidays. With humour targeted at both kids and adults, it’s the perfect way to cap off the summer before the kids head back to school.


5 great reasons to see Luis And The Aliens
Luis And The Aliens

Luis And The Aliens is in cinemas from Friday August 24th 2018.

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