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Family Halloween film: Hotel Transylvania

With a ghastly cast of ghouls, monsters, vampires and freaks, Hotel Transylvania is a real hoot for Halloween

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Ever wondered where monsters go on holiday? No, it's not a gag (but now you mention it, maybe to Howl-lywood, travelling by scareplane?). You won't find a spookier leisure location than Dracula's lavish 5-stake resort, Hotel Transylvania. There's a star-studded, or rather scare-studded, ensemble of Hammer Horror characters, hamming it up in this fun animated movie that taps into the current trend for the horror genre, downscaled for the youngest audience with Tim Burton's Frankenweenie and Paranorman. More mild mayhem than morbid macabre, this is essentially a coming of age movie for little Bat girl, Mavis, daughter of Dracula (voiced charmingly by Selena Gomez) who turns 118 and yearns to see the world – or at least venture into the local village to see what these humans are all about… Cue her fiendish father, Dractula (voiced by Adam Sandler, whose wife Jackie and six-year-old daughter Sadie also star) and is determined to curb his daughter's wanderlust and keep her safely cooped up at home. “Dracula is just like any dad, really,” says Sandler. “He's overprotective, controlling, manipulative, and slightly insane – but it all comes from a  good place: fear of his daughter getting hurt.”

Ah, but we all know about the best-laid plans, and wouldn't you know that when dopey dude backpacker, Jonthan bumbles into the hotel, romance is in the air for him and Mavis. Uh-oh, who'd want to mess with a scary dad with fangs? With plenty of laughs and comedy from the cast that includes the Invisible Man and a family of rampant werewolves, there's also touching moments to melt your heart (which has to be better than a stake in the heart, no?).

See the trailer for Hotel Transylvania, and check out Paranorman and Frankenweenie

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