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Five of the best family films

While away a rainy day with these marvellous movies

Posted: 10 April 2012
by Junior

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WALL - E (U)

Human beings can be a mean old bunch. Having cluttered up the planet with all their junk, they’ve escaped on an enormous spaceship. Meanwhile, poor little WALL-E has to clean up the mess, crunching the junk in his tummy and popping it back out in neat cubes. But this little chap’s no mindless automaton. He lovingly sorts the treasure from the trash, stowing gems, such as a Rubik’s Cube, in his own hidey-hole. Then one day, another robot, EVE, is beamed down from above. She’s swish, she’s cool and she has an impressive ability to blow stuff up. WALL-E is in love. But, like all great romances, this one doesn’t run smoothly. First EVE tries to blitz him with her powerful beams and then she’s swept away to the far reaches of the universe. Will WALL-E be able to get his girl?

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