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Five Ways To Nurture A Healthy Back

Quick tips to ensure perfect posture and super-strong muscles

Posted: 8 November 2011
by Junior

1 Keep moving
Don’t leave your child seated in the buggy or high chair too long. Being sedentary for long periods tires muscles which can lead to back pain in the future.

2 Kicking time
Give pre-crawlers supervised kicking time on the floor. Pushing up from a tummy position is good for muscle development. Older children should still sleep on their side or back, as lying on their front can place stress on the back and neck.

3 Soft shoes
Don’t buy shoes as soon he can walk. Children under two should wear soft-soled shoes, as hard-soled ones can cause structural changes in developing feet, which in turn lead to postural changes and back pain.

4 Exercise wise
Ensure your child gets plenty of exercise – running around is ideal for strengthening back muscles as well as general fitness.

5 Maintain a healthy diet
Eating healthily is important, as weight gain can lead to back pain in the future. For more advice, visit Backcare.

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