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How to help your child mark the arrival of spring

It’s a new season, so help your child to celebrate with some inspiring ideas

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The first days of spring always give cause for celebration, the mornings are getting lighter, the days longer and the dawn chorus now chirps into cheery action before you get up. The start of spring has been astronomically derived, falling at the time when the sun crosses directly over the Earth’s equator. This moment is known as the vernal equinox, and typically falls around March 21. The word vernal comes from the Latin word for bloom, and refers to the fact that in the Northern hemisphere, it’s when the first green shoots of the new season magically become visible through the soil.

It therefore seems a fitting time to get your child to give Mother Nature a helping hand by planting some seeds that he can then watch grow – sweet peas and lettuce are great for young novices. Not only is it an excellent way to teach your child about the life cycle of plants, it’s also a good excuse to get outside for some fresh air. At its most basic to get your child started, all you need are some paper cups, soil and a selection of seeds, although there are some delightful gardening kits out there to tempt even the most reluctant of little horticulturists. If, however, the weather remains inclement or your child fancies growing something more exotic, you could consider avocados.


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