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How to revel in raindrops

From nursery rhymes to stylish motifs, we’re experts at embracing the British climate

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Our national preoccupation with whether or not the skies are about to break asunder is one that our offspring cotton onto at an early age. Just think about all those nursery rhymes we recite: Rain, Rain, Go Away; It’s Raining, It’s Pouring; Incy, Wincy Spider. And let’s not forget about poor old Doctor Foster and his ill-fated trip to Gloucester. While, by and large, such rhymes paint the arrival of rain in a gloomy light, in reality we can take such vagaries of our climate in our stride. Stopping indoors and watching it pour is a staple part of every British childhood. AA Milne immortalised it in his poem Waiting At The Window, which features in the collection Now We Are Six (Egmont, £9.99). The poem tells of the progress of two raindrops, named John and James, which are assiduously observed as they trace a tremulous, halting path down the window pane. And in many households, a well-stocked box of special rainy-day activities is kept on standby, to be produced at the right and proper time.

Not that the rain need necessarily curtail outdoor excursions. Decked out in our wet weather regalia, we’re all set to take on the elements. Listening to the raindrops popping and crackling on the surface of an umbrella is a cosy way to stay protected from the rain. But rather than simply take shelter, children are apt to give as good as they get, stomping their Wellingtons into every available puddle.

According to the gurus from Trend Bible, there’s something of a weather trend sweeping the design world, too, inspired by current concerns about global climate change.


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