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Tips for how to have a successful Easter egg hunt

Give your children some detective work to do to find Easter treats this year

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Easter Easter treats

Who could have imagined a quick-footed rabbit who leaves a scrumptious trail of eggs in his wake? Well, the Easter Bunny can be traced back to 17th-century German folklore, when the Easter Hare left brightly painted eggs in nests carefully laid out by children.

These days, there are many fun and simple tactics you can use to set up a delightful hunt. For younger children, it’s probably best to keep it simple, with eggs scattered about your home or garden in fairly obvious places. With more than one child, use different coloured eggs for each child to help prevent one eagle-eyed hunter from rooting out all the eggs.

Having an Easter egg checklist can help keep things fair with children given a quota of, say, four blue eggs, three green eggs, two red eggs. Or, if you want to ensure no one eats their eggs before they’ve all been gathered, use mini foil-wrapped eggs, or dyed, painted or plastic eggs that can then be exchanged for a chocolate prize at the end.

A treasure hunt-style trail – with written clues and mini eggs leading to a grand chocolate egg prize – works well for older children. Rhyming the clues is fun. You could start with something like: “To solve this clue you’ll need sharp eyes, Seek out blue eggs near Daddy’s ties.” Then offer ideas with more than one possibility to send children hunting in different directions. For example, a reference to a basket could be the laundry basket, a shopping basket or even a basketball hoop.

If your garden just isn’t up to an Easter egg hunt, The National Trust is known for their excellent Easter egg trails around historic houses and gardens


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