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Overnight products that make you look like you’ve had 8 hours sleep! | MumZONE

Slather these wonder products on before bed, and you’ll wake all bright and beautiful - whenever o’clock that might be…

Posted: 5 June 2017
by Sarah Joan Ross

It’s official. Having children ages you in dog years. Well, that’s not quite based on scientific research per se, but it certainly feels that way when you look in the mirror.

Changes in hormones, erratic sleep patterns and the gut-wrenching worry all take its toll - on you and your skin. But, unlike pre-baby times, you can’t just book a spa break or retreat for a week - let’s face it - it’s lucky if you even get in a shower alone.

So, in these desperate times - in beauty, we can trust! There are products that help you prettify, de-wrinkle and tone and hone, all while you get some shut-eye - no matter how many hours that may be. It's about the sleep in your hours rather than the hours in which you actually sleep. 

Multi-tasking at its best and no effort required. Here's our 21 ways to look like you've had a full night sleep...


Spacemasks £15 for box of 5

These little masks get to work immediately upon opening - so make sure you are ready to relax! Each mask warms on the skin to release a feel-good jasmine fragrance and shuts out the light. Perfect to wear just before nodding off, when your baby is napping during the day or even during feeding time. Genius little ear hooks ensure they don't slip off either.



He-Shi Overnight Ageless Tanning Balm £22.50

This velvet cream offers a non-orange-y glow whether you’re alabaster to black tones. Plus, it’s loaded with Jojoba protein to soothe and repair frazzled faces.



Alterna Bamboo Smooth PM Overnight Smoothing Treatment from £19.95

Infused with keratin, olive and sunflower oils this wrestles frizz and unruly locks overnight - so morning styling takes 30% less time - just wash and style as normal on waking. It also offers 72-hours of humidity protection.


Sanctuary Spa Beauty Sleep Face Mask £12

Swap your usual night cream for this – it delivers a whopping dose of hydration, and anti-aging actives work on reducing surface lines and wrinkles. Beauty sleep in bottle.



James Reed Overnight Tan Sleep Mask Body £35

Wake up with a subtle golden glow on your body, not your sheets, with this easy to use, fake tan that comes as a  colourless gel that sinks-in-fast as well as hydrating skin.




Percy & Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery £20

This gel-cream formula imparts a pretty floral smell, dries in fast and helps to mend frazzled ends – perfect if you’ve skipped a hair appointment or two. Apply to dry hair just before bed - and no need to protect pillows - shampoo in morning (and skip conditioner) and go!



Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Extreme Pads from £7.45

Polishes skin, cleans out and refines pores, erases sunspots and damage while you sleep - courtesy of the spa-strength 5% glycolic acid.



La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask £240

You wake up looking like the facial fairies have been overnight – so, by morning you are simply glowing, hydrated and healthy. The luxury Caviar extract improves firmness and plumps skin.



Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial £26

This rich cream with wild rose oil, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid brightens up, de-crinkles and evens out skin tone. Plus it bestows the most beautiful bouquet aroma - so, you literally do wake up smelling of roses. 



Bliss Spa fatgirlsleep® £35

With sacred lotus flower, red algae extract and soothing lavender this ultra-rich cream means night-night sleep ‘tight’ for all your wobbly bits.



Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel £41.75

Can be used over entire face, or dabbed onto pesky pimples before they erupt to help keep skin clear and clean upon waking.



Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleep Mask £36

With a non-sticky, non-greasy gel texture of these Vitamin E and C capsules burst on contact with skin, leaving the dermis looking refreshed when you wake. Plus, the heady smell of violet is blooming lovely too.



Phyto Secret de Nuit Intense Hydration Regenerating Night Cream £28

Contains 92% natural botanicals to seal split ends and regenerate hair fibers deep down - plus you don't have to wash it out in the morning – especially great if you’ve got your hands full or running out of time. Hair is left delicately scented too - bonus!




Sarah Chapman Sunday Night Facial £49 and Overnight Lip Concentrate £32

Both Overnight Lip and Sunday Night Facial have won countless industry accolades and will help you achieve an A-list glow, just like the brand's clientele Victoria and David Beckham. Set aside a little time once a week to try this set of facial treats - and revel in glowing skin for the rest of the week.



Neom Nourish, Breathe & Sleep Balm  £15

Contains 14 essential oils including English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine to help you slip into a slumber and refreshes dry digits at the same time. Rub a small amount into hands and then cup hands over mouth and nose to breathe in the tranquil aroma before bedtime. 



Ultrasun Overnight Skin Recovery Mask £38

Slathered the brood in sunscreen, but forgot yourself? Ease that PM pain with this light-weight rescue mask. It heals, soothes and repairs sun and windburn damage while you dream.



Nails Inc Overnight Detox Mask £15 and Nails Inc Overnight Recovery Mask £12

Nails are super strong in pregnancy – however it can be game-over post delivery. One stroke over each nail with either the Overnight Detox Mask (to repair and regenerate) or the Overnight Recovery Mask (to heal and moisturise) - just wash them off in the morning for improved nails and cuticles.



Mavala Double Lash Night Treatment £14.50

Strengthen, lengthen and thicken lashes overnight with this unique, nutritious treatment that stimulates growth so you wake with silky lashes - meaning if you skip mascara for a day you'll still look wide awake. 



Bliss Softening Socks £36.80

Slip feet into these and the gel lining with vitamin E and olive oil will transform dry and hardened heels to baby-soft beauty's by morning.



Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask £31

Locks in moisture and plumps skin so you don't suffer from pillow face. Plus, the gel consistency sinks in fast and won’t scare your other half.



Bloom & Blossom Love Your Sleep Night-Time Ritual Trio £45

Aimed at stressed out mums and dads in need of some TLC. This clever threesome combines chamomile flowers, calendula and rose geranium that you can use in the bath, on the body and spritzed onto sheets to help you steal some sleep back. Think of it as your 3-step bedtime routine and hopefully you too will sleep like a baby!


Compiled by Sarah Joan Ross at sarahjoanross

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