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Shiatsu With Your Baby

Three playtime exercises for your baby

Posted: 1 October 2012
by Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke and Tina Haase

Hill and Dale Obstacle Course
Construct a little obstacle course for your baby: put a cushion on the floor and a yoga mat, blanket or garden lounger seat pad on top of it. Help your little one to crawl over it. At the end of the course there's a tempting toy – a ball, for example. Mastering the obstacle course is huge fun for the baby. This game also develops her physical skills. 

Sit on your heels with your baby's legs lying on your thighs. The child's hands are pressing on the floor in front of your knees. Hold the child by her sides to steady and reassure her. A toy provides additional motivation to stay in this often rather strenuous position. If your child is a bit more confident about supporting herself on her hands, you can lift her body away from your thighs and let her crawl like a wheelbarrow. 'Wheelbarrow' strengthens the muscles of the arms and tones the whole body. 

Rolling a log
Most children love this game and can't have enough of it. If your little one doesn't like it, possibly it makes her feel queasy, please stop at once. Roll your baby carefully from her tummy onto her back, holding her by one leg and the shoulder on the same side of the body. Then roll her back onto her tummy. Each time you make eye contact, greet your child as if in surpirse: 'There you are!' Play this game on different surfaces – say, on an inflatable mattress, a bed, or a carpeted floor. This exercise deveops coordination and the sense of balance. 

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