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Brilliant Party Games From Sharky And George

Make your child's birthday party one to remember with these amazing games from party pros Sharky & George

Posted: 26 December 2011
by Helen McKay-Ferguson

Sharky’s Footsteps
What’s the game? Grandmother’s Footsteps for the modern generation.
What do we need? A bowl of sweets.
How do we play it? Everyone stands at one end of the garden/room. One person (The Shark) stands right at the far end with a bowl full of sweets at their feet. When The Shark turns away from everyone, they creep forward slowly and quietly. When he spins round everyone has to freeze, any movers are sent back to the beginning. Keep playing until everyone has managed to get close enough to steal a sweet! Then you can play round two on hands and knees for a bit of a challenge.

Nose Slalom
What’s the game? An eating race without using your hands. And no forks and knives either!
What do we need? Party ring biscuits or After Eights.
How do we play it? Tip your head back and put the biscuit flat on your forehead. Then by wiggling your eyebrows and cheeks, slalom the biscuit down your face, past your nose and into your mouth.
Wiggling Word of Advice Keep your head tipped back the whole time and just use facial wiggles to move the biscuit, rather than jerks of your head.

Off The Ground It
What’s the game? Super-tag! With furniture! (Not the good furniture though). For five or more players.
What do we need? A room with old tatty furniture that doesn’t mind being climbed on, a playground, or if you have mats or even newspaper you can play in an empty space or garden.
How do we play it? There is one Catcher per 15 players and the rules are like tag. But, in this game you are safe if you are not touching the ground. There is a problem though…if another player runs over and joins you on your piece of furniture/cushion/mat/chair/climbing frame (we could go on but I think you get the idea!), then whoever was there first has to move immediately and find another spot to perch on. We know it sounds unfair but in this game it is ‘first come, second served’. If you are tagged then you become the Catcher and the tagger is free to run away and stand on something.
Handy Hints To Stay Out Of Trouble… Don’t take refuge/stand on the best sofa, your father’s newspaper if he hasn’t read it yet, or your brother or sister’s teddy bear/iPod/supper.

Towel race
This is a good one for a party but it is best on the beach. For 2 or more players.
What’s the game? Imagine, you are faced with a burning river of lava which you have to cross. You can’t touch the lava or you will burn your feet! This might not be hard to imagine if the sun is out and heating up the sand!
What do we need? Two towels per team.
How do we play it? Mark out a course with a start and finish line (a good place to start is next to your mother’s purse and a good place to finish is by the ice cream van). Split into two even teams. Everyone starts out standing on a towel behind the starting line and you have another towel, which you lay out in front. Once you hear the word ‘go’, the teams have to hop onto the towel in front and quickly pass the other towel forward so everyone can hop onto that one… and so on until you cross the finish line and to glory! (And ice creams!).
Riddle What gets wetter as it dries? The clue is in the title!

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