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Halloween 2015 family party ideas, by Party Pieces

Rebecca from the UK's leading party company, Party Pieces, suggests ideas for a frightfully fun, family Halloween party

Posted: 17 September 2015
by Catherine Hudson

Party cake toppers and web bun cases

"We love any excuse for a party over here at Party Pieces and Halloween is definitely just that. It’s one of our favourite times of the year; we love any chance to get creative, especially with decorations and fancy dress! Choosing a theme for your Halloween party makes it much easier to come up with all the extras like party food and games. A ghoulish ghost party is such an easy theme to pull off and can look so effective."

Create a Spook-tastic Scene

"Your creativity is definitely the limit with this ghostly theme, there are just so many options for decorating your home over Halloween. Opt for decorations like ghost balloons and little hanging ghosts. You can suspend them from the ceiling to make it look like they’re floating; you could even make them yourself with white tissue paper and clear fishing wire so it looks like there’s nothing holding them up.

Set a creepy atmosphere for your guests by playing spooky sound effects like creaking doors and footsteps on loop on a CD player or iPod. Don’t let your guests know you’re the secret DJ, let them think the noises are coming from your haunted house."

Ghost balloon

Eerie Entertainment!

"Party games simply don’t need to cost the Earth; there are loads of ways to have fun using your own creativity. You could set your guests off on a “ghost hunt” and hide little ghost chocolates around your home for them to find.

Decorating balloons and cupcakes is such a popular party craft, buy some white balloons and felt tips so you can make your very own floating ghosts - or chekc out our fabulous range online. For the cupcakes, get some Halloween themed cupcake cases, fairy cakes, ghostly toppers and plain buttercream icing. As always, homemade is best but it’s not always possible. Once you’ve iced your cakes, let the kids transform them into tasty little ghosts!"

Cake cases

Frightful Food

"You can have such fun with creating your own party food for this theme. Marshmallows make excellent little squishy ghosts, just use black food colouring to give them eyes and open mouths. For a healthier option you could dip strawberries in yoghurt and leave them to harden in the fridge or freezer, once they’re out you can give them all ghost faces with black food dye or mini chocolate chips. For a savoury option you could cut the bottoms off boiled eggs and like the marshmallows, add little black ghost faces.

When it comes to Halloween there are just so many ideas for great parties. One of my favourite places for inspiration is Pinterest and during September and October it just comes alive with fantastic ideas for Halloween decorations, fancy dress, party food and DIY projects."

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