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Party Pieces presents how to throw a back to school party [NEW MONTHLY COLUMN]

In the first of its new monthly kids party ideas columns, Rebecca from the UK's leading party company, Party Pieces, gives her tips for throwing a party to celebrate your children starting the new term

Posted: 28 August 2015
by Catherine Hudson

Numbered balloons
A cute piñata
Name stickers
Minion stationary
Minion stationary

"Your child’s first day at school is most likely to be super exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time.  A 'starting school' party, whether kept small just with family or larger with friends, is a great way to get your little ones prepared for the big day at their new school.

Set the Scene

Start by incorporating traditional school-related themes and imagery into your decorations. This will help your child get used to the sort of things that will crop up in their new surroundings. Numbers, letters, school buses, blackboards and pencils are all a great place to start. An alphabet banner or poster would make a great educational banner for the party room along with numbered balloons.

Instead of writing out the place names yourself, why not let the kids have a go at writing their own name on blank place cards. It saves you time and gets them practicing before school.

Have fun.

As with any party you’re all there for the enjoyment, so make sure you strike the balance between fun and educational. Why not have a go at being the teacher with a game of 'Teacher says' – a twist on the traditional Simon says game. Piñatas also make great party entertainment; you could fill with stationery as well as the traditional sweet treats so the children have something useful to take home for school.

Get to know each other

It is very likely that the little ones will all know each other at your party but it’s inevitable that they will be introduced to new faces at school. To get them prepared for speaking about themselves in front of a crowd, ask them to take it in turns to say their name, age and a fun fact about themselves. You could also get some name stickers for the children to wear, another fun way to get them used to spelling their names and also great for putting on party bags at going home time. Instead of filling with the usual party bag fillers, why not adapt your treat bags to your theme with stationery - pens, pencils and a little notebook so the children can keep a diary of their school days.

Your child’s first day at school is such an important day in your and their life, a party could be a great way to celebrate this milestone whilst making the big day seem that little bit less daunting."

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  • Do you have concerns about your child starting school, need tips for helping children who don't like school, or need further advice about the big 'back to school'? Visit our Family page, with itsEducation and Back to school article hubs

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