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Five ways to boost your child’s confidence

Encourage an outgoing personality with these quick tips

Posted: 2 April 2012
by Fiona McKim

Show pride in your child
Display your child’s drawings or schoolwork around your home and speak highly of them to others.

Attend school activities
Show interest in your child’s school plays and sports days. This tells your child that his or her special events are also important to you.

Support many interests
Whether your child loves to paint, run or sing, support other creations and talents outside of school too. 

Offer your child choices
Let your child choose activities you can do together, such as reading a story, playing a game, or just having a chat. Do this daily and tell them how much you enjoy it.

Recall successes 
Talk about your child’s triumphs, especially at moments of low confidence. It will help instill self-value.

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