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How to deal with fear of the dark

Five ways to calm a fear of the dark

Posted: 20 March 2013
by Susan Walls

1. Be patient  Many toddlers go through stages of being scared of the dark. At this age, they're still separating reality from their vivid imaginations

2. Acknowledge your child's fear  Tell her you understand that the dark can be a scary place – then help her check under the bed for monsters

3. Avoid scary bedtime stories and television shows  For the time being…

4. Light up the problem  Provide a nightlight so your child will be able to see her surroundings – even if she wakes in the night – and be reassured that there are no monsters in her bedroom

5. Create a cosy bedtime routine  Make going to bed relaxing and fun. Sing soothing lullabies and read a bedtime story that has a happy ending

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