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9 of the best activities for families to do in Bali, Indonesia

Snorkelling, a water park, temples, sunsets: there's so much for families to see and do in beautiful Bali

Posted: 6 January 2016
by Catherine Hudson

Boat trip to Lembongan Island

We stayed at Club Med in Nusa Dua in Bali, which is a good location for exploring the whole island. The longest trip we took was to Besakih temple in the north, which took three hours. But we stopped at lots of other places on the way back. You can organise all of these trips and tours at Club Med through the concierge.

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We would recommend Club Med's 'hire a driver' trip, which gives you the luxury of a driver for the day who will happily take you to whichever sights you would like to see. We also took a boat trip, went snorkelling, kayaking, trapezing and paddleboarding (at the hotel) and did lots of sightseeing. Here are our favourites:

1 - Boat trip to Lembongan Island

Book a trip to this island which is around and hours trip from mainland Bali. It has only been offered as a day trip for tourists since the 1990s and the slow pace and tranquil atmosphere reflects that. The organisation is slick, however. You dock at a pontoon, then are ferried to the island, where you can take part in activities such as, an island tour, snorkelling, a half submerged submarine tour, banana boat rides or just chilling on the picturesque beach. 

Boat trip to Lembongan Island

2 - Snorkelling off Lembongan Island

Lifejackets and snorkel equipment are provided for all ages. We took lots of great photos and videos with our Kidizoom Action Camera - similar to a Go Pro, but easy to use and perfect for small hands. Although not the most amazing fauna we've seen on a snorkel, there's plenty of underwater animals to be seen as well as pretty corals. 

Rice fields

3 - Rice terraces

These can't be missed if you take a driving tour of the island. Some owenrs may charge if you stop to take a photo, but it is the equivalent of a few pence, and totally worth it. We visited Tegallalang rice terraces, which are probably the most visited, but you are able to walk in and around them with ease for amazing vistas. 


4 - Mixing with the locals

We met these friendly schoolchildren on a bike tour. We also made such good friends with our driver that he took us to one of his favourite restaurants to try the local delicacy of suckling pork - it's good to talk! 

Local village temple

5 - A cycling tour

We signed up for a cycling trip and were driven from the hotel to Batur to cycle for two hours downhill, through villages and rice fields. There is a fair amount of road cycling involved, but you are with a guide all the way and he will go at the speed you dictate. He also points out places of interest and it is an excellent way to see local life. It ends with a lunch. 

Waterbom park, Bali

6 - Waterbom Park

This was one of the highlights of our trip. Rated as the third best waterpark in the world and the best waterpark in Asia, by TripAdvisor, it is worthy of the excellent reviews. The children's area features a massive bucket which slowly fills up to then rain down a waterfall on the kids below, and there are loads of grades of flumes, by speed and thrill rating. Plenty to entertain the whole family - just don't look down before you slide on some of the bigger rides! 

Waterbom park, Bali

Besakih Temple

7 - Besakih Temple

There are 20,000 temples on Bali, and Besakih is it's biggest. Your driver will stop in the car park and you have to walk the rest of the way up a hill. Guides will ask you to pay for a tour. I'd recommend investing in one, but don't pay more than £4. There are lots of areas of the temple which are forbidden to visit - so it is worth it. The views from the top on a clear day are incredible. You need a full length sarong on to visit, but don't need to cover your arms. Rule of thumb - dress conservatively.

Cocoa and coffee beans

8 - Visit a local coffee plantation

You can do this as part of a bigger tour, and it is fun for coffee and chocolate lovers alike. You can buy the Kopi Luwak coffee, the rare cat coffee, for a fraction of the price at home, as well as lots of other delicious flavours. We loved the sweet vanilla coffee. It is a fun and educational trip to see how it is made, from bean to mug. 

See the sunset in Jimbaran

9 - See the Bali sunset

You will see beautiful sunrises at Club Med in Nusa Dua, but for the best sunsets, head to the west of the island. We visited Rock Bar at Ayana Resort to watch the sunset above. A magical evening. Rock Bar gets really busy, so head there early for a good spot. The front row daybeds have a minimum spend. 

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